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Members of the Undead Lords are dedicated to our traditions and pursue growth and learning.

Navigating our recruitment process, becoming a Knight of the Undead Lords, is an arduous procedure and only those individuals devoted enough will complete the trials.


Since 1994 the Undead Lords have pursued excellence in gaming.

Stemming from role play roots where members killed others to feed their souls to Myrkul, the god of the dead, we have evolved over time into a competitive gaming community centered around player versus player (PvP) interactions.

Our role play roots live on in the background, as we now focus on building a competitive organization while maintaining a respectful and mature attitude in victory.


Our goal is to cultivate leaders, both in game and out.  Leaders build a strong community and strong communities have lasting tendencies.

New members come in as initiates, grow into squires, and with dedication give themselves to Myrkul as knights.  This process is driven by the individual and can take years to complete.

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