Stemming from Role Playing roots where UDL played the role of the bad guys by killing others to feed their souls to our godess Myrkul: the lord of the dead, UDL has grown into a competitive gaming community centered around PvP.

Our RP roots live on in the background, as we now focus on PvP excellence while maintaining a respectful and mature attitude in victory.

Latest News

[youtube id=”zKed2diJVKw”] A few guild vs guild and pvp highlights.  UDL is looking for more dedicated PvP’ers!  Join Us!  Apply Here  

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Standing in a mountain of rubble is one of our guild scroll groups ended up with a crazy amount of Moghulis scrolls trying for the Ancient Weapon Core belt.  For those that are new to the game, the next time you get the reset for boss scrolls….. scroll down!  You actually can choose between 3-4 different quests […]

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[youtube id=”phjQiKqX3Ew”] Guild vs Guild war with Ignis on Orwen server, video by Ignis.    Thanks for the great fights and props to Huma our overpowered wizard 🙂 Thanks for the fun night Ignis!   Apply here to join us for more GvG fun!    

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