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Sanctioned UDL games played in:

WoW: Archimonde Server (Squire)

Warhammer (Knighted)

DF: EU server

GW2: Stormbluff Isle Server

Games played in before UDL:

UO: Catskills Server


Shadowbane: Chaos Server


Squire: 1st attempt was in WoW in 2005, hated WoW to death so quit. 2nd attempt was in Warhammer. My IC was Terror.

Knighting: Late 2008 in Warhammer.

Warlord: Warhammer Late 2008 to mid 2009.


My first exposure to UDL was way back in UO (catskills, 1997-1998) where I met, through mutual friends, Rayven. Together we hunted down prey wherever we could find them terrorizing the server for months. Those mutual friends of ours were part of a publishing company who would put out my all-time favorite MMO, Shadowbane. Rayven, myself and some of our other friends formed a guild called VA (Vengeance Agenda) and together we alpha & Beta tested that game and so when it was finally released Rayven chose to take a break from UDL (who was on another server) and join us in the Chaos server.

To recount the memories of Shadowbane would take too long, suffice it to say that we made a name for ourselves on that server like no other. Our small guild of 12 was public enemy number one and everyone on that server knew the name of Bane (that was my previous A.K.A.) and Rayven. When Shadowbane’s population died down and the servers started merging the game had lost it’s flare and we moved on. I took a 2 year break from MMOs at this point.

My brother, Necro, had by then joined UDL and through him Rayven got back in touch with me and convinced me to give UDL a try. I had always been against big guilds, preferring instead the close friendships that come with smaller bands but Ray had convinced me that UDL was all about those close tied relationships and so when we crossed paths again in WoW I decided to Squire.

I hated WoW, I still do, this game represented a shift in what MMOs were, they basically created the carebear world of today’s MMOs. Squiring with UDL was probably the only good experience I had with WoW but even that was not enough to keep me playing. I quit after 5 months in WoW and never looked back.

Later, when I heard about UDL moving to Warhammer Online, I reached out to Ray and asked if they’d still be interested in having me. They did and so I squired again. My IC was Terror and he lived up to his namesake! Call me a masochist but for some reason some of my favorite online memories was during my squiring… Tourach asking me to write a Haiku for example…

I survived my squiring and was Knighted late in 2008 (can’t remember exact date). Probably one of the most choked up moments of my life (silly to admit but it was true). Soon after that (and no small thanks to Terror who bred me for this during my squiring) I was called on to lead the UDL warbands as one of UDL’s Warlords. Warhammer, as it’s namesake would suggest, was PvP heavy and if you should know anything about UDL it’s that their craving for good PvP action is insatiable!

From Warhammer I moved with the guild to DF but with their low population I never really enjoyed it enough to stick with it so queue another 2 year break. From here we went to GW2 where even though the game sucked (in my opinion) I still had great moments hanging out in WvW with the guild. I’m a true fan of MMOs and will always follow UDL but I must admit having been spoiled by the early MMOs like UO and Shadowbane because I’m still waiting for the day a MMO will come around where PvP is more about inflicting pain on your enemies and less about earning some arbitrary points…

Memorable Moments

The 300 Castle Defense in Warhammer online;

WAR’s vast PvP areas had a castle lost & won every other minute by armies vast or small, ofcourse this was the point & namesake of this game but ultimately, when taking a castle was so easy, there was never any real reward in it other then scoring some arbitrary points… That was so for a while.. That is, until UDL successfully defended a castle with no more then 25 of us vs an army of well over 150 (I’m being very cautious with that number, in reality it felt more like 250!)..

From that moment on taking a castle from us would be a challenge only the most worthy would achieve and it was our goal to deny them those bragging rights! UDL was never about the Zerg, we were always about skill over numbers and win or lose, our enemies would know our name… WAR wasn’t UDL friendly though, this game made Zergs an almost unstoppable force and no matter your skill level any ratio greater then 3:1 would almost always mean your death. This all changed when UDL introduced the 300 Castle Defense strategy.

Inspired by the movie (and having just read Gates of Fire), one of our war parties, a measly 20 of us and 5-10 pugs, where one day trapped inside a castle which we had just taken when the screen filled red outside of the castle walls. The Zerg had arrived and up to this point that always meant run or die… UDL would have nothing of it, there was glory in death and on this day we would be denied that glory for death was not our fated path!

We had 5 sorcerers in our ranks, 3 priests and a dozen tanks, a perfect composition to defend this castle against the waves of enemies knocking on our doors. Quickly I barked orders over the mic, we would not run and harass our enemies’ lines which was our previous motto, we would defend this castle! “LOL” “Uhh, what did you smoke?” “Stupid Greek” were just some of the reactions I heard over the vent but the best part about UDL is that although everyone is free to speak their minds not a one of them didn’t do as they were told..

I was lucky for that because the only way this would work was if everyone played their role to perfection. The Tanks were divided into 3 groups of 4, the 1st of the group taking their place behind the Castle Doors, the next group right behind them and behind that the last of the Tank groups. Their purpose? As soon as the doors fell they would hold the line, using the Castle entrance as the choke point, the priests all stood far enough behind to be out of range from the enemy archers and wizards but not far enough that they could not heal the tanks. The priests were delegated to heal in order as to not overlap and run out of mana, meanwhile on the castle walls the sorcerers took their positions behind any object big enough to cut line of sight..

We were now ready and as the doors fell we all braced ourselves for the wave of death that was about to meet it’s match! Predictably as the doors fell all order or sense of positioning washed away within our enemies ranks, wizards, priests, rogues and tanks alike all charged through the doors… Never before having seen any resistance to this point this was not an unreasonable reaction and one I counted on.. “NOW!” I yelled over the mic as the sorcerers all launched their AoE rain of terror, each of us targeting the same spot right infront of the castle entrance where the doors once stood.

They died by the dozens! Almost instantly we had wiped out nearly half the Zerg but all this meant was that now we were outnumbered 5 to 1 instead of 10 to 1. The element of surprise was a success but it fleeted as their wizards and archers backed away while their tanks continued to push against our tank walls. We didn’t take the bait, we stood our ground, our tanks stood their grounds, our priests kept them alive and our sorcerers continued to AoE the entrance as frustration within our enemy ranks flared and made the Zerg become even more stupid than it’s already dumb nature.

The enemies stepped back, counted their numbers, realized they outnumbered us 5 to 1 (growing more and more as the initial dead now returned) and predictably this gave them the confidence to charge again. Again and again they came at us… Again and again they died, not one of us ever having jeopardized our positions or duties….. The adrenaline and excitement of battle  had overwhelmed me but as I witnessed the enemy ranks diminishing the longer this went on the more relaxed I got and I had finally asked over vent “Did we lose anyone?” …….. the silence following that question truly gave me goosebumps.. The 300 Castle Defense Strategy was created and implemented many times over, not once ever failing to win us positive results!

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