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A traveler with a battle seasoned soul from his lowly beginnings in medieval China to bloody fights in Avalon to mislead adventures with the armies of destruction and may skirmishes in realms in between has found his journey lead him to dagger fall. A new comer in a foreign land homeless and destitute happened along a posting looking for members, the Undead Lords. Researching the lore of his soon to be god and knights he found kindred spirits and pledged his soul his new god Myrkul. As a maggot with his new guild he strived to be useful from crafting items to guild event participation, slowly trying to earn the notice and respect of his knights. Soon the newcomer was offered the great honor of becoming a squire under the lord Esponda, elated he accepted and his real journey began. Squireship was not easy, tasked with greeting all knight he failed and was briskly dealt the punishment of death from tall heights, once sentenced to death his untimely wit sentenced him to two deaths from tall heights. Learning from his mistakes and doing his best to be a productive member of the community he rose in favor with the membership and was given his final task, to collect souls on the field of battle to prove his worth to his knights and his god.


Joined UDL March 2014 for Elder Scrolls Online
Squired to Lord Esponda April, 2014
Knighted May 27, 2014

Games Played with UDL

Elder Scrolls Online

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Squire Final Task

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Souls for Myrkul!

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