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Lord Wicked was once an aimless mercenary pillaging the lands of Ultima until he met The Undead Lords. Wicked’s Band, the Zealots of Redemption allied with The Undead Lords to fight off the hordes of purple cloaked Great Lords and Paladins attempting to vanquish the Dread Lords of UDL and ZoR. Wicked realized the depth of all things UDL from tactics to brotherhood and of course, evil. Being so, Wicked pledged himself as a slave of The Undead Lords Through the challenges and humiliation of slavehood, Wicked stayed the course and soon was squired to Lord Kanien one of the greatest killers in the land. Wicked learned much and continued his servitude until Lord Terror, the Arch Lich of this era, and his counsel, saw fit to Knight Wicked as The Shepherd of Sorrow.

Sadly, not so long after his knighting, Wicked was corrupted by his former allies and left the Undead Lords, stripped of his immortal blessing and cursed to roam the lands as a pariah.

It was not until many years later in the realm of Albion that Wicked’s path once again crossed with the Undead Lords. Wicked was made to suffer and serve The Undead Lords in a cruel fashion, never expected to leave slavehood. However, by the wisdom of Myrkul, Lord Terror saw fit to forgive Wicked’s transgressions and bring him back into the fold.

Since his re-knighting in Dark Age of Camelot, Wicked has fight with his undead kin in Shadowbane, World of Warcraft, Age of Conan, Warhammer Online, Star Wars the Old Republic and most recently, Elder Scrolls Online.

Memorable Moments

Slaying waves of purple clad Guardians of Light in Ultima Online. Even though vastly outnumbered, The Undead Lords quickly and efficiently carved through their adversaries.

Raiding enemy cities in World of Warcraft. The infiltration party including Wicked and other rogues would press deep into enemy territory and harass the inner ranks of Order. This gave the main raiding party the ability to safely gain foothold and begin harvesting souls.

Knightings, any knighting. It is no simple process to become a Knight of The Undead Lords and thus, it is no simple occasion when it happens. Knights from every realm will assemble to welcome their new kin into the fold and witness the unholy greatness. To the detriment of any mortal about the lands after a knighting, they usually fall victim to celebration and become yet another claimed soul, harvested for Myrkul.

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