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Started playing UO on Lake Superior Shard. Ran into Taylon and Bixby there. At one point Bixby remembered he used to be in UDL in NwN and found out UDL was playing on Catskills. We rolled newbs and went to find out. In early Aug. 1999 Siege Perilous was released and we rolled new characters there. Bixby was welcomed back with open arms, I became Bixby’s squire. in late Oct. 1999 (Halloween, oOoOOooooO) I was Knighted with Lord Covenant back on the Catskills shard since Siege Perilous was extremely new and they couldn’t ‘do it up’ like a Knighting should be on SP yet.  We were the last Knights to be Knighted on Catskills.

UDL Factions Played

Played Shadowbane beta. I personally feel I was one of the best priests to ever play the game, but I guess that’s neither here nor there ;> I served as a Scribe in SB towards the end.

Played WoW beta, played release at the start for a few months. Went back to Shadowbane and played it until the servers closed with Merf/Jira. Then went back to WoW. Served as a Lich Lord on the IC to Arch Lich Chroma. I feel like I might have served another position, don’t remember. WoW was like a 5 year period. Played a druid from start to finish.

City of Heroes: (or villians? Don’t remember)
Very small stint UDL had on this game, it was sanctioned but was extremely short. I played, the majority of my time was spent logging in, equipping a jetpack and jump/flying around the city from rooftop to rooftop. It was awesome.

Age of Conan:
Played AoC beta. I personally dominated that game, loved it to death. I still played it for a few months after every single other UDL left.  Played a Bear Shaman and a Guardian. Served as a Warlord on the IC.

Good times here. Played a sorcerer. Kanien and I created the Shake ‘n Bake tactic! Freeze enemies in place and spam AOE’s and get out. Worked like a charm! UDL dominated Warhammer, too bad they didn’t have an endgame.

Played beta. Played EU launch extremely brief. Kanien was Arch Lich during this time. Came back at the start of NA and played hard for the next 2 years. Want to say I served on the IC, Zers was Arch Lich at the time, maybe he’d remember. We eventually dissasembled the IC and made decisions in a round-table leadership with the small group of Knights who consistantly played. Eventually we Knighted _type Forced and he took up the Arch Lich position. Proud moment of mine was I had a direct hand in getting type to accept Knighthood.

Darkfall Unholy Wars:
Played beta. Served as Arch Lich. To be Continued…

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