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I do not know where I was born or who my parents are. I do not remember a childhood. My first memory is of blood spraying across my face in a battle for meaningless kings in the land of Tunaria. I was forged in battle and honed to a fine instrument of destruction through endless battle. As a mortal I was of the finest of warriors but it was not until I tasted poison that I realized my true potential. Once I was murdered, I watched from the shadows as my soul dissipated into the air and I had an overwhelming feeling of true power. I had a sense of invulnerability. My soul that had left, took with it guilt, shame, empathy and remorse, leaving me with the ability to do as I truly wished. Oh did I wish for unspeakable things. As a soulless one, I began to reek havoc everywhere I went. I became unstoppable. I met other similar to me on my travels and we forged a guild called the soulless while laying waste to all in the realm. It was an Age of Reckoning.

After parting from that realm and traveling to many others, leaving a path of destruction that only Hades himself could appreciate, I began to feel empty. Something was missing. The soulless ones I met before had all gone their own ways and I was alone on my journey. A journey that I did not know the direction of. I decided to port from the realm of mechanical horses and swords made of intense light to a new land of unforgiving death. I can only explain this place as where the Darkest can Fall in battle.

In this land I met a group that I meshed with well. They believed in what I did. Absolute destruction in a manner that can be remembered. Organized killers that took life with little regard. I ran with them for awhile in this land and shared many victories with them. They called themselves the Undead Lords. I enjoyed my time with them very much but there was still a sense of something missing. Something I could not put my undead tongue on. Then it all changed. In a flash, enlightenment was bestowed upon me. It came in a voice. In my head, all around me, I do not know but it was clear. RU NU ADANNU. At that moment everything changed. I answered HE NISH ZIL ADUN at the top of my lungs. From that moment I knew what I was meant to do. I would travel with these Undead Lords. I would harvest souls in the name of Myrkul. I will arrive at the gates of Hades with a fist full of souls and a mouth full of flesh. I will serve Myrkul in his every bidding.

Souls ran thin in the land we were in so we traveled to a new realm. This realm was full of ignorant helpless souls fighting over a silly man made structure placed in between three alliances. They called it the Imperial city. How the Gods like to play with mortals. We began our reign here, tearing up the mountain sides. Soon into this realm, The Undead Lords recognized me as a true servant of Myrkul and a member of their guild. I became a knight in this guild the 27th day of May 2014. They did not realize just how much meaning this meant. Myrkul had already placed the knowledge of my destiny upon me. This allowed me to step up my game. With the right play of hand, I can manipulate the minions that follow this guild into harvesting even more souls then what we already satisfy the great Myrkul with.

This guild often calls me Solar Flare but I am The Soulless. I take this name from my past into my future. Myrkul may think I do not know he holds my soul but what he doesn’t know is that I do not want it back. Every mortal I extinguish, I taste. This taste has grown into an entity that I would never trade for my soul back. Keep my soul Myrkul, I will be your harbinger.

UDL Gaming History

Squired in Darkfall. 2013
Knighted in ESo 2014

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Souls for Myrkul!

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