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EQ Runt - Lord SinsearSinsear was recruited by Lord Ripper in February of 2000. He was squired to Lord Nutso who taught him about the guild and ran him on numerous errands. Most of the knights gave Sinsear grief for being a halfling warrior (not a very common race/class combo). In fact, he can’t recall any other halflings in the guild at that time.


Sinsear was knighted in June of 2000 in Everquest 1, Cazic Thule server.


Sinsear is an ancient formless being of energy that takes control of mortal shells in the realms he finds himself in. On occasion he will shuffle between multiple shells in order to utilize the different abilities each may possess.


Since Sinsear tends to play the shorter races in most games he has earned the nicknames: Myrkul’s Football and The Runt.

UDL Games Played:

Everquest: Cazic Thule, Aeonyae Ro, and Vallon Zek
Dark Age of Camelot: Bedevere and Andred
Shadowbane: Mourning
World of Warcraft: Archimonde (I think)
Warhammer Online
Guild Wars 2: Stormbluff Isle
Elder Scrolls Online
Everquest Next (and Landmark) (upcoming)

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