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Previous Guilds
(All from Neverwinter Nights between 1994-1995)

The Seekers (Aww shit, a goodie guild)

Evernight Citadel (ENC)

Killing As An Organized Sport (KAAOS)


History with the Undead Lords – 1995-2014

Known as DarkSavant and Squired to Shurg in Neverwinter Nights (1995-1996)

Knighted October 1997 in UO Atlantic


Tours of Duty for Myrkul and The Undead Lords:

Neverwinter Nights

Ultima Online (Atlantic/Catskills/Siege Perilous)

Everquest (Forget which servers and would rather forget this time period of mindless monster bashing)


Dark Age of Camelot

World Of Warcraft

Warhammer Online

Star Wars Galaxies

Guild Wars 2

Dark Fall: Unholy Wars

Elder Scrolls Online


Positions Served

Arch Lich(2x)

Lich Lord

Warlord (3x)

High Priest

Death Lord (2x)

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Souls for Myrkul!

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