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Many years ago when I was adventuring in the land of Agon (Darkfall) it was a harsh environment. To be alone it was hard to survive. I came across a guild called The Undead Lords. They took me in and I was under their protection. For a mortal soul it was a privilege to ride with them. They provided shelter and sense of belonging. I admired their organized adventures, and I felt that one day I can rise to their ranks.

Well, that opportunity is here. But before I can become a full member I need to go through several quests under the supervision of my assigned mentor and my lord, Lord Huma.

I did many tasks for my Lord and delivered them in god standing. But this task I was assign is worth mentioning. It’s worth to carve this tale on paper to be an inspiration for future generations.

It was late afternoon on the Thursday. My Lord was away, he traveled to the land I’ve never been. He was doing his own business. I was not needed to serve his needs so I had some free time on my hand. Also I had some gold in my pocket too. I decided to visit the nearest Inn. I wanted to have some good food, good beer and maybe meet one of those brunettes to have some fun with. I was riding my common horse toward the Inn and I come across of news that in Syrodiil a great battle is going on. I knew my brothers-in-arm were fighting. They needed some help; I needed practice to learn fighting. Regardless of the temptation for food, beer I decided to drop the idea and joined the fight. Several hours’ later I received a message from my Lord that I am needed in the lands I’ve never been. My journey to meet him must be done alone and in a timely fashion. This journey is a test to prove my worthiness as Squires.

Without hesitation I started prepping my journey. I knew something is fishy, I had a feeling it is going to be a challenge. But I knew it must be done. If I fail my “Right of Passage” will be questionable. I checked my inventory; I bought supply. I wanted to be well prepared. My horse was well fed and I started my adventure.

The task given to me by my Lord sounded easy. Talk to a mortal King, learn from him where is the secrete passage to get cross lands to meet in West Lands. So I said to myself: “My Lord, Locor the Squires here I come!”

The beginning of the journey was easy, I fought through some weak unskilled fighters and ended up aiding a mortal King soldiers in their Garrison. Hey! Life was good in the fast lane, heads were rolling and I am on my way… easy, hehe…. easy, no problem…… In my head I sounded it out “Lord Locor” ah… sounds so awesome! I continued. I talked to some servants and finally I learned the whereabouts of the King. Permission was given to me to meet him. The servant’s instructions were walk on a tiny path and the end the King will meet you. So I started walking not much happened. Ahead of me I saw the path was leading to the right. It was eerie silence, suddenly I hear some voices. I freeze. My heartbeat speeds up, I feel very uneasy. What is going on? I wonder. Who is talking? I was told to meet the King ALONE. Wow, what’s that yelling? I start moving toward the voices. Oh no! I see a blade rising and strikes. I hesitate a bit but I am curious I run to see what just happened.

When I arrive, it’s the King on the floor. What? What is this nonsense? I look at the King and his lips are moving. Is he talking to me? I look around. I see no one. So must be me. I am thinking, damn, if he dies how I am going to learn the way of the passage. Damn, I knew it! And suddenly I realize my Lord words; “to prove my worthiness” so here it starts. This is it! He puts me through a quest. A thought pops in my head; I should have visited the Inn first. I come back from my thoughts. I hear the Kings words saying “save my soul” I look at him. The King points with his shaky right hand to continue on the path. I look at him again, he is out, cold. Oh, I am standing beside the King’s body and I am thinking. Too much thinking my head starts hurting. I can go back to the Inn and have food, beer and fun with the girls or continue and seek my destiny. I choose the second.

I continue walking on the path and end up finding a crypt. When I enter and wander deeper, I encounter some uneasy dead souls and some ugly creatures. I sneak beside them I go through a door and end up in a ritual chamber. A dead soul is waiting for me there; he offers me a free passage if I solve a riddle. I agree. Apparently I need to place four scripts in order on four tables. Reading the content of the scripts gives out the solution. I start reading the scripts. Oh man, bugger! As a Hungarian I barely speak English and this writing is on old English! No clue what it say. Ok! Change of plan. Four scripts on four tables that is altogether 16 variants. If I am lucky I am going to place them in right order before the 8th variants so it will take me, hmm…about four minutes…the worst scenario 10 minutes max…hmmm…I need to rush the time is ticking…tick tack, tick tack. I have an appointment to catch. Hello, I am done! Not too bad not to chubby.

A secret door opens and off I go. I meet one more dead soul. There is one more riddle to solve. What? One was not enough? Well now I need to light up four braziers with a four different coloured fire and it must be in order. Well no big deal, same mechanics, but these unrested souls are bothering me. They are attacking. Hey come on souls go rest in peace. I kill some and in between I set all the fire as required. A big door opens up for me the main chamber of the crypt. When I walk in, I see the King’s soul chained up in the air. Also there is a shadow standing below the King. Oups that shadow is a she. Hmmm…I wonder does she have big tits. Nah no time to wonder she is attacking me. Darn she is good she is whooping my ass. I am yelling in my head “Retrieve! Retrieve you fool of a Squires you are going to die!” I run behind some pillars to catch some breath. Well this is bad; actually, it is seriously bad. There is no way I can whoop that chick out of commission. She wants a piece of me, oh man it’s bad. If she finds me I am dead. No doubt in my head a dead Squire who doesn’t meet his Lord wishes will never rise.

I look up in the far distance above my head, a mist is forming. Appears to me someone is watching me. I shake my head to clear my thoughts. I am thinking. I must be too tired thinking or something. I look up again. The mist is much clearer, thicker and just like that, it strikes me. It is MYRKUL, the Lord of Bones. He whispers ; “Your soul belongs to me you remember that Locor the Squire but today SHE is NOT the one who will deliver it to me. When time comes you will serve me well!” The mist disappears. I am still trying to catch my breath; I am trying to understand what just happened. When my head clears minutes later it strikes me I see my destiny. It comes clear and I do understand “I HAVE FOUND THE DARK LORD, I WILL BE HIS SERVANT WITHIN HIS HOLINESS, and I WILL BE ANOINTED.” I turn out from the pillar and face the sorceress. I yell out “I believe in Myrkul and I will be his servant!” and I attack. The fight was viscous lasted several rounds. She used all her dirty tricks to get me but I prevailed. I defeated her because I started believing. It was a great satisfaction offering her soul to my new Master, felt good yelling out “BLOOD and SOUL”

The end I saved the King and as a reward the secret passage was granted to me to meet my mentor and lord.

And this is the true story of Locor Huntya the Squire of Lord Huma Dragonbane who found his trough god.


UDL Gaming History

Joined UDL in Darkfall 1
Squired in Elder Scrolls Online 2014
Knighted in Elder Scrolls Online June 2014


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