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 Sanctioned UDL games played in:

Sanctioned UDL games played in:
Star Wars: The Old Republic: Belgoth’s Beacon Server (Recruited): Oct 2011 – May 2012
Diablo III: May 2012 – August 2012
Guild Wars 2: Stormbluff Isle Server: August 2012 – April 2013
Darkfall: Unholy Wars: April 2013 – November 2013
DC Universe: November 2013 – February 2014
Elder Scrolls Online: March 2014

Games played in before UDL:

World of Warcraft: Blades Edge Server


Star Wars: The Old Republic
February 2012 became a Squire in UDL and in May 2012 was Knighted
Guild Wars 2
Served as Warlord in the IC of Arch Lich Covenant from November 12, 2012 until the present.
Elder Scrolls Online
Served ad Death Lord in the IC of Arch Lich Savante from launch (March 30, 2014) until…..


After 4 long years of slaying monsters and chasing purple/orange gear, 2 of which were spent as a guild leader in the MMO that defines all MMO’s, WOW, I decided it was time to make a change. Bioware was imminently releasing the next big thing with Star Wars the Old Republic, and so I decided to jump on the bandwagon. I randomly selected Belgoth’s Beacon as a server, joined the Sith Empire and began the long ardous process of leveling my sith inquisitor. I attempted to master the art of drawing energy from the forbidden depths of the Force, mastering techniques that sapped and drained enemies as they invigorate allies–or simply wreaking utter devastation. I did so in a vast lonely world without a friend to be found.

After innumerable battles in Huttball, Voidstar and Alderaan, in which I routinely came up against or teamed up with a guild with the tag “Undead Lords”. Each of those rendevous challenged my skill as a player, and many times left me defeated and admiring their PvP prowess. Having Drannon annihilate me, or Salina outheal my barrage of DPS (sometimes), Alaniz pop out of thin air, or Brann go all juggernaut, made a lasting impression. Not to mention innumerable other UDL members executing on things the majority of the server could not.

Then, it happened, just another day in Illum, running around by myself, trying to pick off un-suspecting “pubbies” when I came upon a beautiful blond sith inquisitor that went by the name Salina, who had that Undead Lords tag. I had come across this lovely lady many times in a myriad of warzones, and at that moment, finally worked up the courage to ask the question. “Will you go out……I mean are you guys recruiting?” From there, it is history…. I was officially knighted in SWTOR in May of 2012.

After waiting to long for ranked warzones, the decision was made to desanction UDL in SWTOR and so I decided to mess around with my breathren in Diablo III, until GW2 launched in August of 2012. After a slow start, UDL pulled it together and commenced domination of the opposition in WvW on Stormbluff Isle server. Many a memorable keep defense, assault on the oppositions defended position, and open field skirmish was had. My Charr Elementalist gained much reknown as a lightning fast, unkillable, bastion of pending death.

After much internal strife, debate among kin, and long sleepless nights, I decided to hang up my Warlord boots and try something new, a full loot, open world, FPS pvp game. Joining my breathren upon launch of Darkfall: Unholy Wars in April of 2013, where UDL was a key cog in the Death Alliance. Rolled an elementalist, but never really got a hang of, nor developed a liking for the FPS nature of th e game. I stuck with the game until November of 2013, but it became apparent that the Developers were inept, and my gaming rig was just not compatable with the poor coding, so while my kin continued on in Agon, I parted ways.

Anticipating the much ballyhooed release of Elder Scrolls Online, I dabbled in several different titles. Spent some time with kin in DC Universe, as a nature based hero, running innumerable alerts, and instances, as well as taking part in some arena. Re-introduced myself to Diablo III, and even messed around with the Hearthstone Beta for awhile.

Finally, on March 30th, Elder Scrolls Online launched. Looking forward to the stories to be told.


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