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Started playing Ultima Online on the Siege Perilous shard from day 1 release after making the move from Great Lakes.  At this time I was running guildless and made a reasonable living as a thief outside Skara for the most part.  After a year or so of using the RoT system to start getting a character together I started playing with the Hero/Evil system (I remained a Hero archer with a blessed one shot heavy xbow) and met Alexandra and a few others that I started actively pvping with.   Alexandra was the first woman I have ever shared a house with (I was 19 or so at the time!)  It was located on Ice Island.

After fighting several times against UDL and GC we were approached and recruited into UDL as slaves (need to enter date here) The initial UDL rank of slave was filled with menial tasks for the Knights, running laps around ice Island, and singing songs of Myrkul praise in the cities while wearing our token grey robes was also highlights (I’m sure Zophar remembers doing this with me).  My character the-void transitioned from blue Hero into a blue tamer that sported a few white wyrms,  Until I added a second account with a red ax user named Kagero shortly after the pub 16 patch that ruined UO.  Never got into squirehood in UO as this started my 10 year crawl to become a Knight in UDL.

UDL Factions Played

Everquest: Ayonae Ro

Played on Ayonae Ro a few weeks after UDL started actively playing, started my first squire-ship here I believe under Lord Bril?  Leveled up a 57 female halfing Kagero Za’Ka, but on release of Sullon Zek was abandoned.  Squire-ship ended abruptly as we transitioned into SZ.
Everquest: Sullon Zek

Started SZ with UDL on server release, played a dark elf rogue from day 1 and she remained my main character for a full THREE years that I was stuck on the server.  UDL had a short lasting stint on SZ, but I remained with Lord Samiell to continue playing for several years in the higher tiered evil guilds through several expansions.  Notable friends played with were Rotbone the enchanter, Tallondrakae the SK and infamous Kirban/Speedd  (wizzy/bard).  Most UDL moved on to Shadowbane and DOAC, which I never played.  The name I adopted and still use, Kager Fef, was from Tallondrakae’s nickname for me Fef, obviously a shortened version of Fucking Fag.  Played with guilds Raging Mercy, Hate and Vindiction after UDL left.

UO-IPY  and other player run servers

Many old UDL returned to ravage the IPY servers.  I played actively with Samiell, Crx, Kanien, Hooligan brothers (Gudluk, Nubluk, Hools etc) and several others as we returned to a game that had a taste of the PVP we enjoyed from the past.  At one point there was even a statue of Kagero that was erected in game (when Crx “borrowed” my account and won a pvp tournament after getting banned on his own character.  I’ll try to hunt down a picture of it.

World of Warcraft:   Archimonde and Ravenholdt

Played Wow with UDL on release and got stuck going back and forth to this game several times even up to the Pandaria release.  Held Guild Leader tag on Ravenholdt Server once everyone transferred off to Eredar, where we currently have our left over player base.  Ended up getting another short lived squireship on one of the servers around the same time we were farming Molten Core.  Always played a disc priest, even to this day I still have that same character.

City of Villains:

Started on release with COV, but this game wasn’t good pvp.

Skipped Age of Conan

Eve Online

UDL didn’t make a sanctioned effort on Eve, but I played with the Hooligan brothers here for over a year until Hooligan (Jordan Washburn) passed away.  RIP.


Played Warhammer but was on opposite faction of UDL playing with Hate guild members.  Had several heated battles guild vs guild. Was great!  Played a Priest Healer.  Disliked the pvp healing tactic of staring at a wall to avoid lag and hitting 1 2 3 4 5 repeat to AOE heal castle warfares.

Darkfall:   EU and Darkfall:   NA

Loved playing Darkfall, still one of my favorite games.  Was finally Knighted on the NA after 10 long years of gaming with UDL and served in IC under Arch Lich Zers with Lady Salina.  Best guild vs guild fighting game made ever.

Global Agenda, Diablo 3, TF2, Rift, SC2, LoL and so many other shitty games

Short lasted runs here with some UDL crew


Skipped Star Wars: The Old Republic:  Belgoth’s Beacon  and Guild Wars 2: Stormbluff Isle


Memorable Moments

Singing the squire song on ventrilo for the Knights back in the day. (while typing it out manually in town in UO)

  • Watching the 1v1 tourneys on the Tower at the xroads and other areas that were hosted by UDL and being amazed at our top pvpers at the time.  (I was always horrible at that game)


  • Was always impressed at Scyy’s one man tank/priest crew in everquest.  His epic saved me MONTHS of exp loss (I was always horrible at that game)


  • Camping Mine with Soupee and Cyanide while Tilari solo guarded Smith, and Alphasoul just one shotted the newbs.


  • Spending 10 years avoiding getting stuck with Lord Rayven as my Mentor.


  • Getting my elite diablo 3 beta key when I was about to lose all hope!  Thanks you guys!


  • Spending days griefing Tughri? naked and abusing the respawn invulnerability and free launch till Darkfall finally nerfed both to protect everyone from me.


  • Solo tagging one of the first dreadnaughts ever made as 4 of them were starwarping out in Eve online,  (I was in a tiny intercepter and it was a Caladari dreadnaught that couldn’t kill me solo)  and calling in a fleet to destroy it.  Game first Dreadnaught kill I believe.


  • Taking over a dead end system as pirates in 0 sec and attacking everyone on sight with Hooligan, retreating when heavy numbers came in, and then finally forcing the entire zone to pay extortion protection fees to mine and farm safely in our new system for months.  Made a killing in ISK and was so much fun since we role played the whole thing.


  • Becoming a professional House looter with the hooligans on SP and IPY.  There were few that matched our skills (and were almost all legit none hack stealth loots)


  • epic epic epic city takeovers and defense battles in cities like Erinthel with UDL and our Shadow Pact alliance


  • Spending countless late nights planning every detail of attacks and political shifts in Darkfall with Lady Salina and Lord Zers


  • Running every where with Innex and Pest in Darkfall farming souls and hapless afk miners!


 Currently Playing Path of Exile and a little MTGO and awaiting Darkfall Unholy Wars!

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