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Recruited by Lord Bixby of UDL in the spring on 1998 in Ultima Online. The initial recruit rank of the Undead Lords was slave and filled with menial tasks for the Knights, primarily Lords Terror, Lector, and Bixby. Along with Lord Tourach, I was squired  to Lord Bixby. I was Knighted in UO on Catskills in 1999 when Terror was the Arch Lich. Since that time I have participated in many sanctioned factions of UDL at some point in the timeline of the game .

UDL Sanctioned Games Played:

Ultima Online:  Catskills

After multiple evenings of PVP in front of a remote small house, I was recruited by Lord Bixby of UDL in the spring on 1998.  Squired to Lord Bixby, Knighted under Arch Lich Lord Terror on Catskills.

Ultima Online:  Siege Perilous

Served as an IC member in various roles under Arch Lich Lord BG of UDL.  Mentor to Lord Soupee.

Shadowbane: Vindication

World of Warcraft:   Archimonde and Ravenholdt

City of Villains


…then had kids.


Active Roster as of December, 2000

GM: Terror
AGM: Bixby Legbone
High Priest: Lector
Gate Keeper: BG
Scribe: Covenant

Warlords: Nyvia, Kanien, Sammuel

Knights: Nikolai Icaza, Erik the Red, Ethax, Glimmer, Drannon, Kaeyne, Karma, Shai’tan, Decula moh (Tourach), Jira, Cynic, Andrulin, JTC, Guthwolf, Obsidion Scion, Satyr, Savant

Squires: Alora Mystmyr, Rodcet, Black Widow, Sithri

Slaves: Raith the Dark, Deeming, Imminent, Blaren, Zunk, Owain, Amon’Chakai, Dark Rider, Tindilius Aegis


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  • Alora
    August 30, 2013 at 4:44 pm
    I had forgotten that I was your squire! Greetings, Lord Jira.

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