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Sanctioned UDL games played in:
– Darkfall
– Darkfall: Unholy Wars

1st time was in Darkfall 2009.
2nd time was in Darkfall: Unholy Wars in 2013.

Knighting: October 2009, August 2013.

I originally started playing Darkfall shortly after release, over in the EU Server (before NA1 existed). Myself, and a couple of colleagues from work started playing together. We didn’t really have a clue what we were doing, so the first week was spent doing a tour of the world, via the ocean. We’d stumble upon an Island City. Pillage it (and all the naked gatherers around it). Bank stuff, and move on to the next island.

We joined a clan (I can’t for the life of me remember the name anymore), but we lasted 3-4 days. They were unorganised as hell, and pretty damn emo. I couldn’t stand the drama. I left, and moved to another clan. This one was a bit more organised, and they were part of an alliance that had a city! (Marithain). The same alliance contained UDL, who were always pretty organised and eager to get stuck in.

Anyhow, this was back in the days when Darkfall was massively popular, and server sieges had 400+ people. Eventually, the clan I was in became less active, and I spoke about applying for and joining UDL.

A month or so after I joined UDL, I was offered, and accepted the Squire position. Alas, I can’t remember who my Mentor was – my memories of this (or even, my entire time in DF1), are pretty hazy. NA1 opened, and UDL moved over to the new American Server. Whilst I’m a Euro, I moved over there with them, and was Knighted a couple of months later, deep in the caves of Aradoth. Both myself and Thickness were Knighted in the same ceremony.

Darkfall went on, and slowly (as with many games), my interest started to wane. I took a vacation for a couple of weeks, and it was only when I came back that I realised just how far behind my character had fallen. Completely demotivated, I cancelled my Subscription. I did try at a later time to try to come back to the game, but sadly the passion simply wasn’t there.

Shortly after quitting Darkfall, I received an early-stage Alpha invite for an FPS MMO called Global Agenda. I felt it showed a lot of promise (and was insanely good fun), so I invested a lot of my time heavily into that. Beta swung around, and I was still crazy active. I’d made a lot of friends during the Alpha/Beta, and we’d made a promise to play as a squad/clan once it launched.

Right at the end of the Beta, the game caught the attention of UDL. As I’d made a prior agreement to play alongside my friensd from the Alpha/Beta, I stepped down and away from UDL to avoid a conflict of interest.

Fast forward 4 years.

Darkfall: Unholy Wars was late in Beta. I’d seen the game, and was a little intrigued. The game launched, but wasn’t able to commit to it until a couple of weeks after launch. My immediate reaction, was too hook up with those I knew in the game, and thus I reapplied back to UDL. Luckily, a lot of the people playing Unholy Wars remembered me from my 1.0 days, and I was overwhelmed with support from a lot of old friendly faces. I rejoined, and promptly set to work with the new Prowess System.

It wasn’t long before a couple of people asked me about whether I was interested in re-completing the Squire Program. Whilst I knew a lot of people would accept it, I did have concerns that some people (mainly those who I’d had a falling out with prior to me leaving UDL) would have an issue with me wishing to become a Knight again. In retrospect though, those people were actually some of my biggest supporters and advocates within the Circle of Knights – which in itself was warming.

The second time around, Salina was my Mentor. Compared to the horror stories we hear of old days gone by, I actually had an incredibly smooth Squirehood, and I hope that I’ve once again proved myself as a hardworking, dedicated Knight within the Undead Lords.

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