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Throughout history Iceman has traversed many different realms. Battling along side many different air breathers for a taste of glory.  As if by chance the calling of the Undead could be heard above the battle field.  Iceman sought the ever lasting life and the supreme strength of un-death. With the path laid before him Iceman joined The Undead Lords in Darkfall on Jan 26th 2011.  The Knights now tested his strength and loyalty.  Iceman quickly surpassed the other recruits and was offered to be a Squire.  It was a long and grueling year to complete his tasks.  But on a warm summers night in June of 2012 the Knights offered him the chance to die.  Without hesitation he accepted and was struck down.  Only to rise again as a Knight of the Undead Lords.  Iceman has been seen claiming souls for Murkyl in realms such as; Darkfall:UW, Guild Wars, Diablo III, Titanfall, Everquest Next Landmark, Elder Scrolls Online and many more.

Knighted in June of 2012.

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Souls for Myrkul!

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