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When did you join UDL?
I joined the Undead Lords in the 1994 while UDL was on AOL playing Neverwinter Nights

I was knighted in 1995 and assumed the title of “Devourer of the Dead.”

Games I have played as a UDL Member:
AOL Neverwinter Nights
Ultima Online
Dark Sun Online
Dark Ages of Camelot
Guild Wars 1 & 2
World of Warcraft
Darkfall Online
Darkfall Unholy Wars
There are other one-up games I have played…too many to name.

What roles have you held in UDL?
At one time or another I have assumed the role of Warlord, Gatekeeper, Arch Shadow, and Arch Lich.

What is a Groone?

Here is a quick synopsis of Groone’s back story. Groone is a creature of two worlds. He was a product of a drunken dwarf, a not so lucky cave troll and a wizard that had a warped sense of humor. Groone was born, cast out of his tribe and not welcome by the dwarves. He travelled the country side looking for friends and stumbled upon a delicacy to which he holds dear. He carries upon him a bag of rotten beans at all times for he finds them uncontrollably delicious.

It was an evening in the warm wilds where Groone was picking some beans that he stumbled upon an old man. Well, Groone thought he was an old man, but soon fond that the old man was a great lich by the name of Shurg. Groone ammused Shurg so Shurg lured him to follow.

It was the first time anyone had given Groone a chance and he became a squire to Shurg. Groone was used, abused, all for the amusement of the knights of Shurg but he didn’t mind….he was useful and wanted.

In one fateful night, Shurg and the other Knights made Groone an equal by putting him to death and raising him up to an odd undead. His troll blood allows him to regenerate but his dead dwarf form keeps him in constant decomposition so he remains slimy, wet, and moderately juicy. On his Knighting eve, he awoke, and he brought out his Mighty Rod of Endless Enfeeblement and enfeebled all the Undead Knights sending them the priests. Good times were had by Groone.

What about real life stuff?
My name is Russ Bennett, and I am a Network Engineer. I work on computer, computer systems and technological infrastructures for a living. I love gaming, and I love being with my kin.

I have hosted and maintained the website since we left AOL.

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