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My first encounter with UDL was in Ultima Online on the Siege Perilous server. I was guild leader of a 50 plus strong guild. We did battle with UDL for many months and in most cases was defeated. The Undead Lords proved to be a fearsome opponent. Little did i know after quitting UO i would see UDL again. A few years later a game was released called Shadowbane. I tried Shadowbane out solo. It was gonna be a game just to mess around in a bit till i saw the tag UDL. It brought back memories of fighting them in UO. Instead this time i was gonna try and be one of them. At first i was turned down being told the gates weren’t open yet. But the next day i was invited to be a slave. The first slave of UDL in Shadowbane. I was slaved in April of 2003. Couple months later i was squired. Then a few months later i was knighted. I went from doing battle with the Undead Lords to becoming an Undead Lord myself. Lord Alphasoul

UDL Games Played

Shadowbane (Slave) (Squire to Kanien) (Knighted under Arch Lich Kanien)
World of Warcraft (served in IC as Warlord under Arch Lich Chroma)
Age of Conan
Guild Wars 2

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