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In years long passed I was a farmer. A simple life, a pathetic life. The vary thought of which brings forth a bitter taste of bile. At the time I yearned for a way out, something to escape the dirt and toil of the fields. I think It was then that whispers started, only subtlety at first, a weak hush in a crowded room. Those half heard whisper quickly turned into a torrent of screams etching away at what had remained of my sanity. Like waves battering a stony cliff it would only be a matter of time before the whispers eroded my will bending me to their design. Fortunately for my past self it was not a long wait for the sweet song of madness to take me. However what was fortunate for me, was not so fortunate for my once loved family. The only memory I have of them now is that of a thick pink mist hanging in the air over a small scorched crater that I had previously loaded with explosives. From then on out I was no long a pathetic farmer but a chosen of the chaos armies a champion of Tzeentch…. or so I had thought.

The course of voices eventual dulled down as confidence in the once great lord of change dwindled. As the silence began to manifest in my mind I to fell silent. eventually slipping into darkness. Perhaps a hibernation of sorts.

I can not say how much time had passed since my time in the chaos army, but I awoke to find myself restrained and being dragged by two hooded figures toward a stone alter that appeared seeping blood. As they chained me across the alter, a tall frail elf approached brandishing a twisted dagger etched in arcane symbols. I could hear him muttering about my soul to appease something called Molag Bal. As he raised the dagger ready to plunge it deep into my heart the whispers started anew. Similar to those i had heard so long ago, but unlike the vast horde of voices of the past, this was one singular voice. A hollow and dry voice. It asked only one thing, and I was glad to offer it freely. Just before the blade bit deep into my chest I was able to offer up a single word “Myrkul”

History with UDL

I join UDL as a Minion back in September of 2008 in Warhammer online. I sought them out after reading a recruitment post Seeing that UDL held everything I was looking for in a guild, structure, focus and dedicated to PvP. Warhammer was a short lived game for UDL with the guild moving to Darkfall once it was released. I tried to stay with warhammer for a little after, but found it to be a dead hollow game without a good guild, so I moved with UDL to Darkfall. I can remember waking up at 3 am every day for about a week trying to buy Darkfall. At the time I did not appreciate it, mostly because it was 3am, but UDL clearly meant a lot to me as I would have given up on Darkfall after discovering how difficult it was to buy that game. Unfortunately for me my Darkfall experience was short lived. At the time I was finishing my degree and finding free time between school and work was not something that happened. So I had asked to be added to the inactive list, and there I stayed. I had been removed from all MMOs until I saw an Email from Salina expressing UDLs interest in moving to ESO. I Had been following ESO for a while so it only seemed natural to reenter the world of MMOs with a guild that was a perfect fit. I can say for sure that ESO would not nearly be as enjoyable without UDL and so here i stand asking, and hoping to be accepted into the family.


Joined UDL September 2008 in Warhammer
Squired to Lord Wycked April 2014
Knighted in Elder Scrolls Online May 27, 2014

Games Played with UDL

Warhammer Online
Elder Scrolls Online

Video Highlights

Squire Final Task
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Souls for Myrkul!

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