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Ultima Online is a graphical massively multiplayer online role-playing game, released on 24 September 1997, by Origin Systems. It was instrumental to the development of the genre, and is still running today.

Over time the Undead Lords established factions on three servers, called “Shards”.

Large_shard_icon_atlantic Atlantic: Upon release UDL established a faction on the Atlantic shard



Large_shard_icon_catskillsCatskills: On December 22, 1997, the Catskills shard was released and UDL moved the faction from Atlantic to Catskills.



Large_shard_icon_siege_perilousSiege Perilous: A special ruleset shard that launched on July 15, 1999. The idea behind the shard was to create a more “difficult” and challenging shard for UO veterans.

UDL was widely known for developing, organizing, and providing some of the finest events ever held.  Past events include a variety of duel formats including singles, pairs, triplets, and class based. Additionally, UDL had hosted quest-based events ranging from thefted brides, lost tomes, and haunted house where the visitors were our prey.


March, 2001 — The Gauntlet Challenge
3 on 3 Event held by UDL-UO ; Pitting mages against warrior classes this event was a great pairs duel round-robin format. Over 20 teams of two participated from multiple guilds including The Cabal, ToD, and PTK. This event was won by Karma and Kanien of UDL.

January, 2001 — Siege Olympic Marathon
In the true spirit in the realm of modern day Rome, the Siege Olympics brought forth the greatest athletes of our time. One of the most classic events is the Marathon, testing endurance, wit, and cunning while avoiding certain death.

September, 2000 — 3 on 3 Tourney
3 on 3 Event held by UDL-UO ; Open character types and mixed classes allowed for entry. Help in the dungeon Deceit. Featured UDL’s groudbreaking live video broadcasting of in-game events. This event was won by Kanien, Nyvia, and Mor’Kai of UDL.

July, 2000 — 2 on 2 Tourney
2 on 2Event held by UDL-UO ; Open character types and mixed classes allowed for entry. This event was won by Samuell and Nubluk of UDL.




A little cartoon fun! Group photo of an Inner Council
udl cartoon

Old School Slave Abuse!
On the whim of a Knight, new recruits were required to stand in the fire walls and die, only to be resurrected and killed again.
slave abuse

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