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Darkfall Unholy Wars is a fast-paced, PvP MMORPG. Players are called to form clans and battle for dominance across the fantasy world of Agon.  As of it’s scheduled release date (April 16rg, 2013), Darkfall Unholy Wars is the only game able to offer truly epic siege warfare and battles on a truly staggering scale on the market. Build a naval fleet and face off against rival clans in hundreds strong sea battles or train your clan-members to fight as cavalry and descend upon your foes cities like a storm of steel and magic! Darkfall Unholy Wars offers the largest scale combat you will ever try to live through!

Darkfall Unholy Wars is a sanctioned faction of the Undead Lords ( UDL )

Darkfall Unholy Wars Poem

By Lord Broal

Darkness forms with a deafening crash..
The Undead rise from Agon’s past
To murder souls this is our task
Then pour the blood in Tourach’s flask.

“Eat Their Flesh!!” our leader cries
While our Knights begin to rise
We will destroy all who stand
In the way of Myrkul’s hand

Come this day, December 12
As the Knight’s of UDL
Many stories breathers tell
Of the sour and wretched smell
That always comes before the Hell

Run, run fast as you may
You will not escape from this day….
For this is the only way!
That is all the stories say.

Highlights of  UDL Events

April 16, 2013   Darkfall Release
Faciton led by Arch Lich Tourach

PvP Highlight video recorded by Animated and Ponder
[youtube id=”igMmv0zU-x0″]



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Souls for Myrkul!

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